Work together for win-win and expand new fields of international business —- Meditech & Sinopharm International

China Sinopharm International Corporation (Sinopharm International for short), as a part of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (CNPGC), commonly referred to as Sinopharm - China’s largest state-owned health care enterprise, has quality performance in medical facilities construction and equipment integration, excellent professional capability and strong resources in Asian, American and European countries. Sinopharm International has great global achievement and recognition during pandemic. 


Meditech, as an international professional company of manufacturing medical oxygen generation system, shoulders the important mission of industry development. For supporting countries and people affected by the pandemic better, and promoting China's medical construction and medical equipment to overseas, Meditech closely follows The Belt and Road Initiative, and cooperate with Sinopharm International to further increase international business development.


Meditech and Sinopharm International will deliver 2 units of Meditech Oxiline smart mobile oxygen plants to Papua New Guinea. The Oxiline mobile smart oxygen plant is another technological breakthrough made by Meditech in the medical oxygen production industry for more than 20 years. It highlights the characteristics of cutting-edge technology, high output and intelligence, low noise and energy consumption, making oxygen on-site generation at will in any environment possible. The product also leads the development of the industry while adapting to the market.


Meditech and Sinopharm International will support each other by maximizing both resources to strengthen cooperation in medical oxygen, and to create a more professional, convenient and reliable medical oxygen solution for all users. Through this close collaboration, a win-win and sustainable development strategic partnership have been created, and a new stage of convergence has come.


Post time: Nov-15-2022
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