The new WHO standard for oxygen production can be assisted by MEDITECH


Global outbreak of new crown disease, "access to medical oxygen" determines the life and death of patients. The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly raised the importance of breathing machines and oxygen supply systems during outbreaks. In the June 2020 issue of the PSA oxygen generator technical parameters guidance, it is recommended to adopt the skid-mounted or container-type integrated scheme to ensure the continuous oxygen supply and oxygen quality of the oxygen generator, which is also Souahilo Meïté's continuous pursuit of goals and social responsibility.


In view of the surge of oxygen consumption in the new crown epidemic situation, WHO proposed a new oxygen supply mode, which allowed the oxygen generator to be used as the oxygen supply source, and modified 99.9% oxygen to 90-99% oxygen concentration as medical oxygen. As a pioneer of medical oxygen industry, Meditech can actively participate in WHO's discussion on the amendment of new oxygen supply mode. The core oxygen production technology of Meditech  uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to produce 93% ± 3% medical oxygen from ambient air. This core technology corresponds to the new WHO oxygen supply requirement.


Meditech all-in-one machine from the beginning to uphold the "installation-free, easy to operate" concept, the complex system integrated in a chassis, walk at the forefront of design philosophy, to bring customers worry-free and reliable experience.


Meditech oxygen system is fully equipped with a variety of sensors, strictly control the quality of oxygen. Abandon the traditional complex mode of operation control, the use of micro-computer full automatic control, LCD liquid crystal display with graphical interface, really do "fool" operation.


Oxygen system equipped with sound and light alarm system, in a variety of product quality in the event of failure will be issued the alarm. Souahilo Meïté has always advocated the concept of dual (multi-unit) design to ensure continuous oxygen supply in all circumstances.


The intelligent remote monitoring system can monitor and control all kinds of operation parameters of oxygen system remotely. Customers can monitor the operation of the system with only one mobile device. Meditech  VSD series has become synonymous with high-end oxygen machine, frequency conversion function more energy-saving, more stable operation, lower failure rate.


Meditech  has a professional high-quality team to provide comprehensive after-sales guidance and training, including computer room location, computer room layout, installation guidance, use training and maintenance, and other guidance, from pre-sale to post-sale to provide professional one-stop service.



Meditech  technology and WHO requirements on the new standard of oxygen, product design ideas and ideas in line with the global market demand. In the future, Meditech will be able to lead the development of the industry, helping the medical industry to achieve a historic leap.


Post time: Feb-25-2021
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