Meditech’s Highlights in 2018

How time flies! 2018 has already waved goodbye to us. Undoubtedly, 2018 is a year of great significance in the development history of Meditech.

Look back again, we believe that every step forward will be engraved as the eternal coordinate of Meditech’s development history.

Continuous Innovation

Technical innovation is the persistent subject of Meditech.In 2018, Meditech injected new vitality in to its products by exploring cutting-edge technologies.

Meditech creates the first remote centralized control system in the world, the remote centralized control system realizing multiple sets, quantities and controls of oxygen generation system, which can be switched in turn and used in a balanced way. It creates a new pattern of remote control of oxygen generation system and provides possibility for the first time and the first service.


MD2018 innovative integrated oxygen generation system, modular movement, independent exhaust duct, ultra-low noise design, breaking the traditional oxygen generator’s internal structure, high noise, high temperature, unstable purity limitations.


The G series models jointly developed by Meditech and Atlas, which are more stable and reliable in quality and performance.


Build a World High-end Brand

In the past year, Meditech has made great achievements in large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, showing the vitality of the world’s independent innovation brand.


Dubai medical exhibition


2018 CMEF Spring exhibition


2018 CMEF Autumn exhibition


Taiwan pet exhibition


India medical exhibition


Australian pet exhibition

In this year, Meditech established Ausmedi Kavia India branch. In just a few months, they won dozens of orders and successfully installed 5 hospitals, making it a significant competitor in the oxygen industry of India.


In this year, Ausmedi actively promoted government-enterprise cooperation, and officially became the special supplier to Vetcentric, Australian’s largest pet alliance, and had installed Ringwood Vet Emergency, Australia’s largest and most complex pet medical oxygen generation system.

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Industrial Cooperation

Meditech has established a technical and strategic partnership with Ozone Water Systems of the United States to realize the complementary advantages of both sides’ resources and jointly promote the great development of global oxygen production and Ozone application.


Meditech and Atlas have become franchised partners to jointly develop and design new oxygen production models and provide the world’s leading oxygen production solutions.


Meditech has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with many famous universities and other institutions. By taking advantage of school-enterprise cooperation opportunities, the company continuously improves its independent innovation ability and provides good technical support and service for the industry.


From the stumbling start, to the gradual growth, unconsciously, Meditech has gone through 15 years. Thank you for your care, support, trust and encouragement along the way!


Post time: Apr-17-2019
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