Meditech Shined at Arab Health 2019




During 28th-31st Jan 2018, the largest healthcare event in the MENA region, Arab Health 2019 was held in Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center.

Arab Health is the largest healthcare event in the MENA region. It is world-renowned for its large scale, comprehensiveness and outstanding layout. It is popular among the medical industry and regarded the most advanced medical exhibition in the world. This time, it attracts more than 4,000 exhibitors from 156 countries. The number of healthcare & trade professionals attending the exhibition is over 130,000.


As the world renowned manufacturer and service provider, Meditech attended the exhibition along with the most advanced technology: the PSA medical oxygen generation system. With confidence, Meditech was competing in the exhibition against the other medical equipment manufacturers, and presenting the most innovative and remarkable oxygen supply solution to the visitors from all over the world.




The revolutionary products and cutting edge technology from Meditech had quickly caught many visitors’ attention and become the focus of the exhibition.It attracted experts from the united Arab emirates, India, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries.


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Advanced Global Oxygen Solutions

Meditech independently developed new products — Central Monitoring Control System and New All-in-one Smart Oxygen Generation System, which aroused the strong interest of experts.


Meditech innovative integrated oxygen generation system, modular movement, independent exhaust duct, ultra-low noise design, breaking the traditional oxygen generator’s internal structure, high noise, high temperature, unstable purity limitations.

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Meditech Central Monitoring and Control System is the first telemetry device for oxygen generator in the world. The remote centralized control system realizing multiple sets, quantities and controls of oxygen generation system, which can be switched in turn and used in a balanced way. It creates a new pattern of remote control of oxygen generation system.

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Voice from Arab Health

Experts from all over the world love our products for the craftsmanship and technology, saying that Meditech oxygen products are outstanding comparing to Europe and USA, and reach the top level in the world. 


Xue Ping, Meditech General Manager, said with great excitement: 

“Meditech is very popular in the exhibition. More than one hundred visitors have left their contact details. The number of visitors on the first day of the exhibition was more than that of the exhibition period last year. Meditech brand is well-known, and we have many contracts signed on site.”


International Director Jean-Pierre BERLIOZ from NOVAIR

Meditech’s range of products are advanced in engineering and technology in the medical oxygen generator industry.”


Customer from Iraq:

“The advanced design and exquisite production technology of Meditech’s oxygen equipment surprised me a lot. At present, no such advanced remote centralized control system has been developed in Europe and USA. Undoubtedly, Meditech is a representative of the international advanced level.”


Delegation from Nepal

“Meditech’s high-quality products and oxygen solutions are very popular in the Nepalese market, and we expect more hospitals and clinics in Nepal to benefit from them.”

Meditech got dozens of orders at the exhibition, and signed many agents from all over the world.


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Meditech’s mission — Oxygen for the World!

Post time: Apr-16-2019
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