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On April 14, with the issuance of the “Departure”, the transport convoy full of Oxiline Meditech Mobile Oxygen Plant started the trip to Tibet. The exquisite and beautiful Oxiline mobile oxygen plant goes to the mission with the cutting-edge technology of Meditech. Thanks to the drivers who have worked hard for us, and please rest assured that there is Meditech in front of difficulties, and there is no difficulty in front of Meditech. No matter how difficult it is, we will overcome it and deliver on time!

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Through the unremitting efforts of Meditech’s technical team, the Oxiline mobile oxygen plant has been completed from R&D and production to loading and delivery in the shortest time. High-quality, high-tech R&D results allow oxygen to be used at will in different environments around the world. Oxiline mobile oxygen plant highlights the characteristics of high technology, high output, high intelligence, low noise and low energy consumption in the field of medical oxygen production, allowing you to use oxygen more freely. Oxiline mobile oxygen plant not only adapts to the market environment, but also leads the development of the industry. Cutting-edge technology and excellent quality make customers more confident in choosing Meditech products!

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Post time: Oct-31-2022
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