“Meditech can once again introduce high-end management talent!”!


[ announcement I Maqiwei confirmed to join Meditech as general manager of the company ]Meditech 202123 February, former Atlas (mythology) . Ma Qiwei, director of Bikang Virtue Division of COPCO Group, has been working as general manager of 2021 since March 01,2003. He is responsible for global marketing management. At present, he has reported toMeditech Shandong head office.


Photo of Mr. Ma

Maqiwei, formerly atlas. Director of the Business Division of Pico & Co. Ltd. . "technical specification for medical gas engineering" 

GB50751-2012, member of Chinese Gas Association Medical Gas and Engineering Branch, ASSE6020 and NFPA99 authorized inspector of medical gas system. Familiar with international medical gas standard and design. It has made outstanding contribution to the reform and development of medical gases in China.


Mr. Ma is experienced in the industry, experienced expert-type high-end management talent, the introduction of this high-end management talent is Souahilo Meïté for the future talent strategy layout and development. We believe it will help Meidi to improve market influence and share, to achieve a qualitative leap.


Post time: Feb-23-2021
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