Why choose Meditech

1.A Much SAFER option for O2 supplying system compared to bottled Oxygen (30 times less pressurized), For the same amount of Oxygen supply, our machines operates safely at ONLY 5bar.

2.Save you incredibly large amount of $Money in long term !!![Could save $millions for many of our large hospital clients in 10 years). Very short payback period.

3.You decide when you need it, all you need is “RAW AIR”.

4.Most advanced PSA system designed. Solid R&D teams with >20 patents granted nationally in China, the ultra-high performances of the machines are securing our leadership in the oxygen generating field.

5.Sizes and Weight are much smaller and lighter because of our All-in-one approach compared to other competitors

6.Central electric controls for all the components.

7.Real time Oxygen monitor, interactive screen.

8.Real time 24/7 tracking with Mobile APP.

9.Experienced teams with international networks.

10.Customized setup for different clients.

11.Excellent after sales services.

12.You can choose to Buy Or RENT (Lease and buy) from us.

Meditech – Always Moving & Thinking Forward

R&D: We strive to deliver high-end researches and advanced technologies.  We collaborate with more than 20 international prestigious universities and companies and we will deliver even more.

Actively Seeking: We are promoting our products all around the world, looking to benefit individuals, society and nationwide community with our economical and highly safe products.

Diversity: As we are expanding our company internationally, It is our duty to respect every clients and workers’ background.

Building reputation: We truly believe that the best products come with both good product performance as well as the after-sales service. We are making sure that our customers receive good information on the machine training and prompting regular maintenance notices.

Meditech Family: We treat every employees as our family members. It is the combination of individuals power to make Meditech moving. We constantly invest and motivate Meditech employees, to date there has No record of self-voluntary resignation. Meditech will continue passing along this family culture.


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